<H1>Girls from Russia and Ukraine looking for chemical romance, love. Lonely woman photos in every profile. Bride russian and ukrainian.</H1><H2>Mordinson offers a chance to meet girls who are nice looking, young and marriage minded girls from Ukraine and Russia</H2> <H3>The girls</H3> are in the same point of their life where they want to have a family and settle down. As you probably heard girls from Ukraine are not only very beautiful and charming, but very intelligent. One thing that guys from abroad always notice is that girls here take a pride in the way they dress, very elegant and classy. But of course the looks is not all, the girls are dreaming about finding the right man to create a happy family with, almost all girls have jobs, but they all say family is going to be their main priority in life after they get married.

Marriage minded? Lonely? A Slavic wife from the Ukraine is every single man's dream. Visit the beautiful city of Kharkov and meet wonderful, caring, attractive ladies looking for marriage.

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Marriage Broker Regulation for US citizens only

The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (H.R. 3402 Title VIII - Subtitle D) goes into effect on March 6, 2006. The law protects the rights and safety of foreign women, who emigrate into the U.S. as fiances or wives of gentlemen living in the U.S. There are several key features to the legislation:

REGULATION OF INTERNATIONAL MARRIAGE BROKERS (IMBs): Before releasing a lady's Personal Contact Information to a U.S. client, an IMB must:

* Search the National Sex Offender Public Registry and State Sex Offender Public Registry in any state the U.S. client has lived for the past twenty (20) years http://www.nsopr.gov/

* Require the U.S. client to provide background information (and supporting documents where necessary) regarding his past criminal and/or domestic violence history including arrests, his marital and divorce history, ages of any children under 18 years of age, and all states and countries where the client has lived since age 18 (the background check form is attached below)

* Provide the gathered information to the lady in her native language and secure her written consent to release her Personal Contact Information to that specific U.S. client.


A Mordinson Introduction clients will be not affected at all, as all of A Mordinson Introduction services are already in compliance with the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act, and have been for years.

One of the key features of both our Email Correspondence and Phone Introductory systems has always been the fact that the Personal Contact Information of both men and women is kept strictly confidential. Men and women are free to communicate as they wish, with absolute confidence that their Personal Contact Information will not be revealed to anyone by A Mordinson Introduction.

Under the new Federal law, an International Marriage Broker is not obligated to collect Background Information regarding their clients until a man and a woman exchange the contact information.

All american men bringing a lady to the USA will go to criminal background checking conducted by Department Homeland Security BEFORE IT APPROVES YOUR K1 PETITIONS.

Once a Mordinson customer met the lady in person in Kharkov and decided to concentrate on the relationship with one particular lady, the Mordinson customer should fill out the form below (it'll be provided in Kharkov on the request). Then we will disclose the Background information of the customer to this lady and as she agrees, a man receives her contact information.


As required by the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act Of 2005 [SEC. 833.5 (d) Regulation of International Marriage Broker] (it'll be provided in Kharkov on the request)

Please provide the following information:
First Name: __________________ Last Name_____________________ Middle Initial _________
Birth Date: ___/___/___
If you answer ?YES? to any question below, you are required to provide us detailed documentation, including but not limited to copies of court orders, judgments, convictions and arrest records. You are not required to include marriage certificates, birth certificates or divorce papers.
Yes No Are there now, or have there ever been, at any time, any temporary or permanent civil protection orders, restraining orders, emergency protective orders, or domestic violence orders, issued against you by any court or other governmental authority?
Yes No Have you ever been arrested OR convicted by any Federal, State or Local authority, for homicide, murder, manslaughter, assault, battery, domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, abusive sexual contact, sexual exploitation, incest, child abuse or neglect, torture, trafficking, peonage (compelling persons to perform labor to payoff a debt), holding hostage, involuntary servitude, slave trade, kidnapping, abduction, unlawful criminal restraint, false imprisonment, or stalking?
Yes No Have you ever been arrested OR convicted by any Federal, State or Local authority, for (a) solely, principally, or incidentally engaging in, prostitution? OR (b) a direct or indirect attempt to procure prostitutes or persons for the purpose of prostitution? OR (c) receiving, in whole or in part, proceeds of prostitution?
Yes No Have you ever been arrested OR convicted by any Federal, State or Local authority for any offense(s) related to controlled substances or alcohol?
M S Widowed What is your current marital status?
Yes No Have you previously been married? If "Yes", please fill in the details below for each:
Number How Terminated Termination Date
Yes No Have you at any time previously sponsored an alien to whom you were or became engaged, or to whom you were or became married?
Please list the ages of all of your children, whether biological or adopted, who are under 18 years of age. ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________
Please list all States in the United States, and all countries, in which you have resided since you were 18 years of age: a)______________ b)______________ c)______________ d)______________ e)______________ f)______________ g)______________ h)______________ h)______________ j)______________
I certify and attest, under penalty of perjury and false swearing, that I am 18 years of age or older, of sound mind, and that my above BACKGROUND INFORMATION as well as all accompanying documents I have provided, if any, is true, correct and complete, and that should any such information change at any time, I will provide such changes or updates to A Mordinson Introduction.
FURTHERMORE, I authorize A Mordinson Introduction to release and provide this information and any accompanying documentation along with any subsequent changes or updates, in any format, to the lady I choose. I hereby waive any privacy rights from release of this information and I release and hold harmless, and forever discharge, A Mordinson Introduction, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees and agents, from any and all liabilities arising from the release of this information, the accompanying documents, and any changes or updates, and any use thereof.
Dated: ______________________ _________________________ (signed)

Any additional questions are welcome E-mail or USA (213)814-2697; Ukraine +380675782344

Thank you for selecting A Mordinson Introduction. We will do the best to help you to find your special Lady.

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Marriage minded? Lonely? A Russian wife from the Ukraine is every single man's dream. Visit the beautiful city of Kharkov and meet wonderful, caring, attractive ladies looking for marriage.