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But I tried, didn't I? Goddamn it. At least I did that. R.P. McMurphy" The scene in which the character of the Jack Nicholson is trying to escape from the mental facility by lifting the fountain and throwing it against the window is truly and undoubtedly one of the greatest examples of fine cinematography which teaches us 2 important lessons: first of all, even when the odds are against you and chances of winning are slim, it doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't give it a try continue reading the article

Discover Kharkov with Michael Mordinson - "Gorky Park" 6th April 2014

KolesTV of Kharkov, Ukraine interviews Michael Mordinson 26th June 2013

"New Wave" radio station in Kharkov, Ukraine 14th February 2013

Mordinson marriage agency participates in the Euronews "Business Awards 2012" 1st November 2012

"Visti" Ukrainian News TV channel features Mordinson marriage agency, 9th October 2012

Eenvandaag TV Channel (Netherlands) features Mordinson agency in the evening news aired on the 4th June 2012

K1 Ukrainian National TV station interviews Mordinson marriage agency, 24th April 2012

Mordinson for the Kharkov RobinzonTV May 2012
mordinson on tv, press und media

Mordinson is interviewed by the Ukrainian news channel "Kharkivski Visti". 18th of July 2010

Ukrainian TV show about modern dating. Michael Mordinson is a guest of the TV show "Randevu", the 20th of June 2010

On the 31st March Karina Gironkina a 22 year old native of Kharkov won the "Miss Ukraine 2012" beauty contest held in Kiev, Ukraine. continue to the story and photos

Interview with Yana, the former client of Mordinson marriage agency March 2012

Yana met her husband from the USA from Michael Mordinson on Vimeo. interviews Mordinson former client Posted on March 6, 2012 by Krystyna in Ukrainian Dating Interviews Today, I talk with Keith who was recently in Kharkov where he met a special Ukrainian girl. They fell in love and are now actively preparing for the process of obtaining a bride visa. Hello Keith. Please tell us a little about yourself and your experience with Ukrainian dating. Why did you decide to meet a Ukrainian girl for life, not a Western girl? continue reading the interview

Date More Russian Girls: Losers and Winners of the Dating Scene

Interview of Michael Mordinson to Many of my readers ask me tons of questions about dating and marriage agencies in Ukraine, namely which agency is reliable and provides the best service, whether the profiles of women are real and not a fake, etc. Therefore, I decided to ask Michael Mordinson, one of the founders of Mordinson marriage agency in Kharkov/Ukraine, to do an interview with Ukrainian Dating Blog. Luckily for us, he accepted...continue to the interview

Money in Ukraine 23 January 2012 When you are traveling abroad one of the things you are concerned about is how to bring money and what is the easiest way to pay for things in the country you are going to. Here are few things which you should know when going to Ukraine ... money in Ukraine

Russian Paris Hilton - Kseniya Sobchak, born November 5, 1981 in Leningrad, Russia, is the daughter of the first democratically-elected mayor of Saint Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak. Known as a glamourous presenter of the reality show "Home-2" on TNT Russian channel. Sometimes described as Russia's "It girl" Sobchak acted in the 2004 film "Thiefs and Prostitutes" continue to the story and photos

How to avoid problems with Ukrainian police 23 January 2012 Those few advices might save you a lot of time and head ache, they are very easy to remember and are not difficult to follow ... continue reading about how to avoid problems with Ukrainian police

Fiancee K1 visa assistance 15 January 2012 we will help your lady to get all the required documents prepared, fill out the forms and get prepared for the interview in the embassy... continue reading about fiancee visa

Good manners in Ukraine What should a man know when dating an Ukrainian woman. There are several simple things which Ukrainian ladies expect men to do, and you should be aware of them...Read this article

Interesting facts about Kharkov       

Travel Ukraine Guide to Kharkov

Trip report by Mordinson former client at      

Cpl. Walter Hassser from the "Generation Kill" by Evan Wright

Shaking hands in Ukraine

Ukrainian Dating Blog - Learn More About Ukraine Women!
So it's no real secret that Ukrainian women are quite attractive and possess a bevy of characteristics that make them fantastic wives and mothers. From their deeply caring personalities to their culinary abilities, they are simply great. However, what do you, dear friends, really know about them beyond that?

Finding the Warm Stone

Why do men look for wives in Ukraine?

How to write a good letter of an introduction to a woman you are interested in

How to attract luck to your personal life and find your soul mate.

Single Ukraine Woman My advices to singles as for relationship with Ukrainian women

Why on earth those beautiful and sweet ladies can't find their love in Ukraine?

Family or career. Russian girls' choice

Say "YES" to your future and don't just rely on what other people thought it would be best for you!

Switch on Ukraine! Euro 2012 in Kharkov
Life boat for singles Create a strong family, have kids and raise them to be good people!

Romance and Compliments Be generous with compliments and romance. Russian and Ukrainian girls do like it!

What really makes a person happy? It isn't money, or cars, or houses. The happy and closely knit family is what makes a person happy and makes him eternal.

He Who Searches Finds "I just don't want to press on things too much, my special one will enter my life when it's the right time..." MORDINSON CONTRIBUTORS: We believe it's important for you to know that Mordinson staff are real people and they will not treat you as a number. Instead a "Mordinson" client should expect comprehensive and profound answers to any of his questions and unlimited support at any stage of his search for a spouse. This page is aimed to tell and show a little bit of who Mordinson are.

Mordinson on Kharkov TV A recent talk show has brought up a vigorous discussion: What is a relationship between a Russian girl and a western gentleman like? Among the audience of the studio there were university professors and school teachers, psychologists, students and professionals. Two special guests were invited to share their expertise of Internet dating and "mail order brides" topic. Those are the representatives of A Mordinson Introduction (, Darya and Michael Mordinson.

olesya stefanko miss universe ukraineOlesya Stefanko is a Ukrainian beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Ukraine Universe 2011

Anna Netrebko, top Opera singer from Russia Anna Netrebko made her first breakthrough in 1995, at the San Francisco Opera, and since then she's been on fire. With several prizes under her belt and a recording contract with Deutsche Grammophon, she's booked four years in advance and handpicks all her roles.

A girl from Ukraine became one of the 5 top models of the world Ksenia Lamber - a girl from Ukraine became one of 5 best models at the competition "The best world's model" on the 23rd of February in Dortmund.

Hot Ukrainian female (Natalya Rudakova) in Transporter 3 - In Theaters, November 26

Ukrianian Girl in "Quantum of Solace" New Bond movie. In cinemas worldwide on the November 14th

Love you wife just as you love yourself As once was said creation of a couple is such a delicate and unique event, that it can be compared to very few things in our life. Especially if the couple creates a relationship that lasts till the rest of the life (and let's hope in the "Life to come" as well!). There is no other universal relationship advice except for being honest and loving to each other!

Is it a good time for finding a soul mate? ...What to do when the times are not so good?

"Problems in Ukrainian economy make more women turn to Mordinson agency?" Michael Mordinson on Ukrainian "ATN News" TV Channel

Age differences at relationship is a salvation for the mankind. Russian women view on age gap: when it comes to love, age is nothing but a number. The age issue is always more important to those outside the relationship than the people concerned...

Russian language is very direct, if somebody doesn't want something, he/she says: "I don't want that!".Often it may sound rather rude, but it is not in fact, on contrary...

A human is like a tree. If you make a deep cut on a big tree, when it has finished growing, it will be the only place where the tree will be damaged, but if you cut a seed the entire tree that will grow from it will be ugly...

All you need is just one good girl! You want to be married, you want to have family and children, you want to be happy and you have got all you need but your only loved sweetheart next to you...

What is that feeling that sometimes strikes you when you see a very lovely woman? What is that feeling described in so many books and movies as love fever. What do you feel looking at these gorgeous young ladies? Is that love? ...

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