Marriage Minded? Lonely? A Russian Wife From the Ukraine May Be Your Answer

Over 90% of Ukrainians support international marriages


Darya and Michael Mordinson are special guests at the TV show named "International marriages- salvation or damnation" held on Kharkov (Ukraine) central TV channel on the 18th of October 2007. Do most of Ukrainians approve international marriages? Does the cultural difference strengthen the marriage or weakens it?

The Ukrainian-American marriages and the matchmakers operating in Ukraine attract constant attention of the press and the society. A recent talk show has brought up a vigorous discussion: What is a relationship between a Russian girl and a western gentleman like? Beyond the audience of the studio, which consisted of University and school professors, psychologists, students, professionals two special guests were invited to share the expertise of Internet dating and mail order brides topic. Those are the representatives of A Mordinson Introduction (, Darya and Michael Mordinson. The audience was divided into two groups, depending on their treatment towards international romance. A telephone line was established in order to gather the opinions of Ukrainian people on the subject.

TV show host (addressing to Darya Mordinson): "Ms. Mordinson, first of all let me say we are glad to see you here tonight, people of Kharkov know the Mordinson marriage agency quite well, as you have been around for a while now, since 1999 actually. What is it like for a Russian girl from Ukraine to marry a foreign man?"
Darya Mordinson: "Thank you for inviting me and Michael tonight, it is a pleasure for us to be in prime time show of the respected Kharkov channel. We see this show as a chance to explain principles of integrity and professionalism we cherish while helping people create happy families. Ukrainian girls get our assistance in what may be the most important thing in the world - we help them to meet their soul mates! At the same time we have men who are interested and seek to create strong traditional families..."
TV show host (addressing to Darya Mordinson again): "Is it hard for an Ukrainian girl to move to the USA, Europe, Canada etc. and get adjusted to the new culture, people and language?"

Darya Mordinson: "Providing she is with her beloved man, it is much easier to be married and happy Ukrainian woman in the US than to be a lonely Ukrainian girl in Ukraine" The results of the telephone poll were: 64% of callers were supporting the idea completely, 29% thought it doesn't matter either to marry a local or a foreigner as long as people are happy and the remaining were not in favor of the idea. Over 90% of people participating the Talk Show poll favored the work of Mordinson in helping people finding each other.

About Mordinson marriage agency

Mordinson is Ukrainian based personal Matchmaker that has been operating since 1999.

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