what do russian women look for

What do Russian women look for?

Why on earth those beautiful and sweet Ukrainian women
can't find their love in Ukraine?


A very reasonable and logical question we keep hearing from the men who are thinking about using our Ukrainian marriage agency which offers a chance to meet single and attractive women from Ukraine is why on earth those beautiful and sweet Ukrainian ladies can't find their love in Ukraine? Looking at their pictures and then later on getting to know the ladies in person through letters and phone calls, this question would make a perfect sense! Why a girl like that, who is not only attractive, but is also interested in stable and serious relationship would be alone? Where's the catch here?

The truth is that those who believe that those wonderful and sexy Ukrainian girls can't find a man in Kharkiv are wrong. They can easily find one. Men are men in any country of the world, and all men love nice looking ladies. The reason why they join the Mordinson marriage agency isn't that they are left with no attention of the men, the reason is that they believe that Ukrainian men who they meet aren't right for them.

I've addressed that question so many times to the ladies of our agency- what's the problem with the men in Ukraine? Well of course, there is an old joke about the men and good toilets to be alike, cause both always seem to be occupied by someone else, but on a more serious note, women often complain about men not being appreciative towards them, this usually becomes apparent on a more serious phase of the relationship, when people do open up and act the way they really feel like.

You can often hear about Slavic men paying a significant attention to the details of courtship. Things like flowers on a date, little gifts, cute text messages, dinners at romantic places etc. are a must for any Russian or Ukrainian guy who starts seeing a girl. Mind you, the amount of all those wonderful and romantic things seems to go down with time. Girls love the romance and signs of attention, what they don't like is those signs to be only a way of gaining a goal and then when the goal is achieved, the interest of a man often starts to cool off.

There are enough beautiful girls in Kharkov to make any man's head to spin, but what a woman who is looking for serious relationship is really interested in is not the womanizer, but a man who will appreciate her and not only for a couple of months and then he would run away chasing another girl. Women who come to us say that they are interested in men who are looking for the same things as they are - strong relationship and closely knit family.

This is what our female and male customers have in common - they both want to meet the right person, and simply can't see him or her around!

Here is a part of the "thank you" letter that we got from one of customers and I would like to share it with you:

"This is to anyone who is thinking about traveling to Ukraine is search of their soul mate. First of all, DO IT. You will hear from friends that you are crazy to say the least. They will say that you can find a good woman at home. There are good women at home, but they are married. There is a reason why the ones that are single are still single. I have been single for 8 years and have dated plenty of women, some good, some bad, but none that I would consider spending the rest of my life with. One could say that I set the bar too high. I refuse to just settle for just anything, and when it comes to something as important as ones soul mate, best friend, and lover, why would anyone not want to find the best. Here is my story about how I found the best woman in the world. It has been a long one for me, but a great one"

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