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At "Mordinson Marriage Agency" we realize how crucial it is for us to attract beautiful and also serious Ukrainian women to the agency, so that you have a chance to introduce yourself to those ladies who catch your interest and hopefully meet you second half.


Finding a Good and Honest Ukrainian Marriage Agency

There are hundreds of Ukrainian and Russian marriage agencies with thousands of profiles of Slavic women from Ukraine, Russia and other Former Soviet Union countries and what makes us stand out from that crowd is that we are in fact a family owned agency; Mordinson is our name and we care about our reputation; personal approach to your clients (both male and female); the fact that we are real agency with real office and history of successful work of over 10 years (you will find the recent testimonials and "thank you" letters that we received from our clients who found their wonderful Ukrainian women on this home page and "Love Stories" section) and most importantly our ability to constantly attract new Ukrainian women who are beautiful, single and marriage minded and who come to us in the search for their soul mate. If you are interested in finding a wife in Ukraine, we are ready to help you!

The ancient little library in a little town was so old that no inhabitants of the town really knew when it was built, it seemed like it has been around forever. The librarian was gone long ago and the library has not functioned for the last dozen of years or so. The building itself looked like it was going to collapse soon, but the end came in a very different way. In one of the hot July days a fire started inside the library and in the matter of few short minutes the entire town could see the huge movie-like fire coming out of the broken windows and roof, the books and manuscripts were in fire and soon were gone.

Nobody really investigated why the fire started, nobody really cared. Except for few people who wandered at the fire site looking for something that could have escaped the heat and fire, the chances of finding something were slim, but that was their last sign of respect and they wanted to show it. When those few people were about to leave, one of the men saw small capsule burnt on the sides, he could see there was a manuscript in it, but he feared to destroy it by taking it out.


The saved manuscript has stayed in the man's home for a short while and then made a long journey to the capital city where it landed in the depository of a book store. The capsule was never opened as nobody had any particular interest in it. There it remained for a few years until the store was bought by a new owner who decided to begin his ownership with the inventory research. The order was to get rid of everything which didn't pose any value and hence free such valuable space.

It wasn't a lucky day for our manuscript and it ended in a garbage bin outside the book store in a dark back exit alley. This could have been an end to the misfortunes of the scripture, but it was not. A homeless man saw the thing and decided to use it to make some fire. He opened the capsule and almost set the ancient paper on fire with his Zippo, but then decided to read what was in it first. The manuscript was in a language which the man could understand. It said that if he wanted to obtain the happiness he had to travel to a certain place at the beach and find a warm stone there and keep this stone.

The man believed what the manuscript said. His life lacked many things which could have made him happier and so he decided to give it a chance and go to that place. He arrived there a few weeks later and went straight to the beach. He was astonished to see how many stones there were laying peacefully on the beach. But he made the first step already and now it was no time to turn around. He picked up the stone and but it was cold, he threw it into the water, picked up the second stone, it was also cold and so he threw it into the sea as well, the same thing happened to the third stone and the fourth, and the fifth and all the other stones he picked up- they were all COLD!

The man didn't want to give up anyway, every morning he would come to the beach in the search for the warm stone! This has lasted a few weeks, then a month, then several months, he was so used to picking up the stones and throwing them into the water that it became almost an automatic thing for him.

One day he came to the beach as usually and started picking up the stones, at some point he picked up a stone and it was indeed warm, but because he has done it so many times in the past, he simply threw it into the water before his mind could stop the actions of his body and the stone was gone forever.

If you are reading those words most likely you are in the search for the woman who will complete your life. You are looking for a decent agency which has an up-to-date gallery and honest approach to the clients.

Being able to tell a "warm stone" from the "cold" one is the ability which can not just save you a lot of time and effort in the search for your soul mate, but also this is foundation of your successful search.

At "Mordinson Marriage Agency" we realize how crucial it is for us to attract new nice looking and also serious ladies to the agency, so that you have a chance to introduce yourself to those ladies who catch your interest and hopefully meet you second half. That's the reason why since the day of the creation of the agency we have been investing in a professional advertising campaign in Kharkov. Among other things we advertise in the cityıs underground (subway) on such central stations as: Universitet Dergprom, Studencheskaya, Prospekt Gagarina, Akademika Barabashova etc. Also it is worth mentioning that the ladies pay absolutely no fees.

We don't have any partner agencies or affiliates, if you decide to become our client you will deal directly with us.

Our phone numbers are on the web site and you are welcome to call and ask any questions you might have, we are open to speak with you:
US phone number: 213 814 2697, phone number in Ukraine: +38 067 5782344, phone number in Germany: +49 176 62346994

We believe that you can be successful, let us help you! We might turn out to be your "warm stone".

Kharkov Underground system

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