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Ukrainian TV show about dating in Ukraine and Mordinson Marriage Agency. Modern dating in Ukraine

Michael Mordinson is interviewed by the TV show "Randevu" on the 20th of June 2010, Kharkov, Ukraine


Vlad: "Hello! This is a TV show "Randevu", a show about singles and for singles! How popular are the "marriage agencies"? How often do the matches made in Internet end up in real marriages? Is it true that nowadays it became more popular to meet on-line?"

Nastia: "to answer all of those questions we have talked to a psychologist and interviewed a manager of a marriage agency.

Elena Pochueva (a psychologist): "Look, the internet itself isn't a bad thing at all! It's a good thing, and it's the reality, we can't change anything about it, so we will have to live with it. If ten years ago somebody would sat that only in a decade it will become possible not only to meet people on-line, but also see them- that was like a science fiction thing! When people meet in the internet- that's only the first step, people choose who they want to speak with! But why can internet be a bad thing as well? When people hide behind the anonymity, this can be negative thing. When people do hide- this can be explained by several reasons- it's either desire to to hide oneself from the people who don't seem to be the right match, or other way round to hide oneself because of the fear to be turned down. It's important to treat this with a light heart, you should be pessimistic about it, but don't set yourself on the thought that you will quickly find your soul mate!"

Vlad: "Do you know that the recent surveys have showed that only 10% of the people who are listed on the free on-line singles sites actually met in person somebody who they chatted to."

Nastia: "And only 10% of those meetings have grown into marriages"

Vlad: "Then let's talk about marriage agencies! What are they offering? How can one tell a good marriage agency from a bad one? And who are the potential clients of the marriage agencies? About all that in the next part of our program.

Let me ask you a couple of questions!

  • Let's say, you've decided to join a marriage agency, which one would you pick- the one that has 10 thousand profiles in its data base, or only 200 profiles of people who are in fact interested in finding their soul mate?
  • One more question: will the experience of the agency matter to you? And the last one, would it matter for you if the agency has its own offices abroad, or it works as an affiliate of another agency?

    Nastia: "The answers to those questions are apparent! The agency must have a long experience of work, the data base of the agency must consist only of the people who are real! And also the agency should have its own offices abroad!

    Vlad: "Most of the agencies in Ukraine are oriented on the foreign men. What does it mean? Man lives in the USA for example, or EU and the lady is Ukrainian! This raises a question: why do our girls want to marry men from abroad?

    To get the answer to that question I turned to Michael Mordinson- who is a manager of the "Mordinson" agency in Kharkov.

    Michael Mordinson (the manager of the "Mordinson" agency): "In reality, the fact that a man or a woman joins a marriage agency doesn't mean that he or she can't meet somebody in the city where they live, or in their social circle, it doesn't mean that at all! What does the desire to join a marriage agency mean? It means that the person is looking for something better and doesn't see a worthy partner around!

    If you were born in Kharkov, Ukraine for example, who said that your soul mate, a man of your life must also be born in Kharkov? It's not true! Our marriage agency doesn't charge its female clients for any of the services we provide.

    We have male clients from all over the world, mainly our clients come from the United States and Western Europe. We have two representatives in Europe: in Berlin, Germany and Vienna, Austria.

    We don't have thousands of clients and thousands of profiles- neither of men nor of the women. We are in fact, a rather small marriage agency. But every man and every woman who is in "Mordinson" is a real person and is currently interested in finding a soul mate! And this is the most important thing for us!

    We don't want to have 20 thousand profiles with 99% of all those people who either lost the interest or simply not real! It's vital for us, that every woman in our agency is real person with real intentions- I mean serious intentions of course. Because we are a "marriage agency"!

    Elena Pochueva (a psychologist): "Look, there is a difference between on-line dating sites and marriage agencies. Even in the names you can see a clear difference. Posting a profile on the dating site may mean desire to date people where marriage agency is for people who are interested in a marriage as a result of meeting the right person. And mainly, you know that, marriage agencies are the places where people from different countries find each other!

    Nastia: "By the way, abroad it's considered to be normal for people to meet through marriage agencies"

    Vlad: "Mordinson" agency has invited us to their photo studio where the ladies take pictures."

    Michael Mordinson: "Once the pictures are ready and posted on our web site, ladies start communicating with the men. Communication is a great chance to get to know each other before the personal meeting. Our agency arranges the personal meetings in Kharkov. Of course there are no fees that the ladies have to pay to meet the men.

    Vlad and Nastia: "In this issue of "Randevu" we tried to answer some of the questions that are frequently asked, but if we missed something- it's not a big deal, we will leave them open for discussion.

    We will turn to them in future!

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