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There is a thing which we can all think or act according to without even admitting the fact, we call it- public opinion. What is it and how much is it OK for it to influence our lives and the decision making of ours? The Wikipedia gives this definition of “public opinion”: “Public opinion is the aggregate of individual attitudes or beliefs held by the adult population. Public opinion can also be defined as the complex collection of opinions of many different people and the sum of all their views” So how many people have to think in a certain way to make their point of view a “public opinion” and is it always based on the educated opinions and realistic experiences?

The truth is that very often the general point of view on a certain issue is far from the reality. I have been working in a Matchmaking company since 1999 introducing single people to each other. The matchmaking that we do is different from the traditional “blind dates” or “shidduh” arranged in different cultures by either friends or family, we do the international matchmaking aiming the single women of a Ukrainian second largest city- Kharkov (it has over 1.5 million people) and the gentlemen from all over the world.

Our clients (both men and women) often are biased and unsure about this way of meeting a possible spouse. But men and women who realize that there is no real reason why it’s OK to meet people in bars or discos (when you don’t even know who are you talking to and rely totally on the looks) but it’s not OK to let professionals do the search for you and then go to meet those ladies in person!

The nature of a successful matchmaking is attracting the clients who are ready to settle and start a family. We’ve always made it a goal to attract through advertisement those ladies in Kharkov who are seriously considering a marriage with a foreigner and that’s the reason why our male clients have and continue enjoying the success in their search.

The reason why I started this little article by the mentioning of the “public opinion” issue is to send a message to all the single men who are reading this, do not say “NO” to the possibility that can entirely change your life and make it way more meaningful than it is now! Say “YES” to your future and don’t just rely on what other people thought it would be best for you! Make your own decisions basing on the educated choices! It’s your life and you will not be able to blame anybody else but you in future if your remain dormant. There is a good Russian saying: “Don’t just wait the good weather from the nature!”, don’t just sit there and wonder why am I still lonely? The answer to that question is simple and may be a little abrupt: you are still lonely because you are sitting there and thinking about “why are you still lonely”! Action is what is required!

And when you are convinced that you are ready for action, you have to start moving towards your goal. First of all you have to ask yourself what kind of relationship are you interested in? If you feel that you are ready to settle down and have a serious relationship that will eventually lead to the creation of a family, you have to find an agency which is capable of attracting women who are looking for the same. Of course it takes time to choose an agency which you can really trust, make no hasty decisions here. Only those companies who have a personal approach to the ladies can guarantee that a woman who you will be writing to and then meet in person will understand clearly what are you looking for.

In our own experience we see that the approach we’ve chosen many years ago is highly effective. Our policy has always been to accept the ladies only after a personal interview in our office in Kharkov, when we meet a lady we make sure she is interested in serious relationship and that she is open to idea of moving abroad. We’ve always only worked with the ladies who are from Kharkov or its area and we immediately delete lady’s profile and pictures should she develop serious relationship with a man. Those aspects are vital and help us do our job well.

I hope you will trust my advice and start saying “YES” to your happy future with a Ukrainian lady! It’s more than just possible!!!

by Michael Mordinson more articles by this author

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