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"Every chance you have, you should try to hook people up. People in MRE* factory don't understand that. Hell, if I worked there I'd be sneaking in extra pound cakes, jalapeno cheese packs, Tootsie Rolls. You gotta throw things to people when you can." Corporal Walter Hasser, US MARINE. From "Generation Kill" by Evan Wright
*MRE- Meal Ready-to-Eat


Cpl. Hasser was telling the author of that book about his life philosophy, but what I see is that he has explained the basic idea and foundation of a successful business! And he did that without using any fancy theories or diagrams- give people what you promised and even more than that. We at "Mordinson" can very much relate to that rule!

We offer you our services to help you find your soul mate. We want you to succeed in your search, and therefore we work hard to attract new ladies constantly, we invest in a professional advertising campaign in Kharkov with bill-boards in the city's subway system as well as newspapers and magazines. ukrainian matchmaker

We operate only in one city, it's called Kharkov and it's located in the Eastern part of Ukraine. It's a second biggest city of Ukraine and has over 1.5 million people. As you can see at the gallery of ladies , we don't have thousands of ladies, but every lady who is listed in our gallery, is real and actively searches for her second half. All the ladies in our agency live either in Kharkov or its area.

In prior to visiting Ukraine and meeting the ladies, we strongly recommend you to write to the ladies who caught your attention and introduce yourself. Even a short communication allows you and the lady to learn quite a lot of information and this will make your first meeting much more comfortable, because by that time you will know quite a lot about each other. We offer you to introduce yourself to the ladies free of charge , and this means you can send your intro letter and pictures to any number of ladies and get the replies (translated into English) absolutely free. This will allow you to find out within few days which ladies are interested in you and which are not.

Each letter that you send to the ladies is translated carefully by a translator, we don't do any machine translating.

The natural step to take when you feel that you want to meet the ladies who you have been talking to in person, is to come over to Kharkov and meet the ladies! We will be happy to welcome you in Kharkov and assist you.

We have 2 basic tour packages (7 and 10 days) and here is what they include:

  • staying in a modern, luxury apartment which is located in a newly built house in the central part of the city (5 minutes walk from the central Liberty Square), you can see some pictures of our apartments here
  • translation services (whenever you need it)
  • meeting any number of ladies from the Mordinson gallery during 7 or 10 days. The initial meetings are usually quite short, hour and a half on average, this way you can meet all the ladies who you are interested in during first couple of days and then concentrate on those who you liked most of all. You can find out more about the "Introduction Service" here:

    You should know, that any questions about "Mordinson" you might have are welcome!
    Please send us an e-mail or give us a call at 213 814 2697 in the US, and +38 067 578 2344 in Ukraine

    Sincerely yours, Michael Mordinson

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