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Searching for a soul mate. He Who Searches Finds!


"The one who searches- will find", this well-known truth is very well remembered by most of the men who have succeeded in their careers and businesses. For most of the people becoming successful in professional aspect of the life means hard work and ongoing challenge of meeting the high requirements of the market, company, clients or patients. In any case, people do expect things to improve when they work hard and make the efforts to improve them.

For some reason there is a different approach to that matter if it has to do with finding a soul mate and starting long lasting relationship. Often you can hear a single person saying: "I just don't want to press on things too much, my special one will enter my life when it's the right time and all I really have to do is to look forward to that!". Well it's an absolutely wrong approach!

In building of the personal romantic relationships just like at your work or sports you have to make things happen if you want them to happen! It's true though, that there is a soul mate for every person, but this doesn't imply that a person doesn't have to do anything in order to meet his special one!

G-d has big plans for every person, but it's man's responsibility to give those plans a chance to be revealed and fulfilled!

In fact the idea of asking somebody to help in finding the soul mate isn't modern, it's quite ancient actually! Matchmaking is an extremely old institution which in many cultures and nations had its own forms, nevertheless it was never considered to be weird to be getting help from the matchmakers.

The story of Abraham's servant and friend Eliezer is a clear example of the fact that even the greatest of people were in need of the services that were provided by the matchmaker. Basically the story is that Abraham had the only son with his wife Sarah, and his son wasn't married, which of course concerned Abraham. So he realized that he has to ask somebody to search for a good wife for his son. He of course chose his faithful servant and long time friend- Eliezer. He asked him to find a girl who could make a good wife for Isaac. The mission was accomplished and everybody was happy!

This story described in the Torah is another prove of the fact that matchmaking, as long as it is a professional service, is not just a bad thing, it's an amazing opportunity to meet single, intelligent and attractive people who are on the same point at their lives when they are too interested in starting a family!

As we see it, we are offering a unique chance for men and women to finally reveal all the great things which are expecting them in their family lives using our humble help.

Making the first step and writing to the ladies isn't always an easy step to make, but it's vital! Things will not happen if you don't make them to happen! Before you choose an agency to use- do your homework, you have to make sure that you are dealing with real people who have their own office, their own data base of female clients (and not the same profiles of the ladies which are posted at least at dozen other sites), they have to know the ladies personally and not just buy them in bulk from other agencies, give them a call for a little chat, ask a couple of questions- it's an important decision and you have to feel comfortable with the people who you are planning to trust such an important mission!

by Michael Mordinson more articles by this author

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