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Michael Mordinson recent appearance on the Kharkov talk show at "7th Channel"


Michael Mordinson: "I was surely pleased by the offer to take a part in the upcoming talk show aired on the Kharkov's "7th Channel", Darya and I have actually been to that show last year as experts and now they wanted us again. It was throughout enjoyable experience, the show is live and it makes it more interesting.

Basically the aim and lead topic was to discuss ways of finding a soul mate for single people and there were two main ideas, the first one is just let the destiny arrange the encounter with your beloved, and the second was to allow professional matchmakers help you in the search.

The TV channel also established a phone poll and at the end of the 50 minute show it turned out that 73% of the audience were in favor of letting marriage agencies and matchmakers help singles find their partners.

During the show I have underlined that the morality of matchmaking business itself can't be under doubt, as it is described in the Torah (Bible) in the story of forefather Abraham asking his servant Eliezer to find a woman for his son Yitzhak.

We all came to a common point of view that the state of loneliness has to be fought with and the best way to do that is to be with a beloved person. Many of us indeed meet their loved women and men by a chance, but this doesn't mean you can't yourself control your destiny and your personal life!

I want to thank charming Liza (host of the show) and the administration of the "7th Channel" for the invitation to take a part in the show!" by Michael Mordinson more articles by this author

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