romance and compliments. how should one treat a russian girl?

Be generous with compliments and romance. Russian and Ukrainian girls do like it!


Giving the compliments is a great and very effective way of establishing a kind/romantic tone in the conversation, if you start off your meeting with few nice comments regarding the looks of your date- this will give both you and her more confidence and will make a meeting success. Be generous when you make the compliments but don’t fake it, a woman feels how you feel, and if you are saying “you look gorgeous dear”, make sure your eyes and the body language say the same thing!

Few awkward moments in the start of your date can be easily neutralized by a pleasant and light chit chat, but please concentrate on your lady. The “weather” or “sports” talk is not going to do good here. Think the way she thinks- and she has been preparing to this meeting for at least couple of hours doing the make up, choosing the outfit, if you just think about it for a second, you would feel how much you appreciate her efforts and you would want to thank her for that- and the best way to do that is say it straightforward!

We all love receiving the compliments, and instead of waiting for somebody to make you a compliment, why don’t you go ahead and do it first! There are few hints on how to make a better compliment that will reach its goal:

  • 1. Make a particular compliments. “You are wearing such a beautiful necklace”- sounds way better than a general- “you look great today”. The more detailed the compliment is- the better and more effective it is! For a woman who you are talking to this sort of compliment will mean that you are paying attention to how she looks.
  • 2. Make a series of compliments The Russian saying goes: “One head is good, two heads is better!”, the same thing can be and should be applied to compliments. Don’t stop after you said she had a beautiful necklace, tell her also that it fits her dress or underlines the color of her eyes!
  • 3. Ask a question with a compliment Now we’ll take the series of compliments and end them with a question like a beautiful cherry completes a cake: “You are wearing such a beautiful necklace! It beautifully fits your dress, where did you find such a beautiful thing (or is it hand made? It looks quite unique!)
  • 4. Technique is a good thing, but you have to be sincere! There is nothing worse than insincere compliment that you squeeze out of yourself! Learning how to say compliments is not about lying, it’s all about saying the things you feel, but maybe have felt shy to pronounce! Don’t say anything that you don’t believe in!
  • 5. Don’t overplay. Of course when your compliment is well received and invokes a smile on her face you will enjoy that and you will be tempted to go for more! Don’t say too many compliments in a row! This may sound somewhat annoying and even suspicious. If we are talking about non romantic settings then don’t let people get used to too many compliments that you always tell them, otherwise they will take it for granted and not really appreciate them! Be especially cautious at the business and work environment if the professional way of communication is kept, in this situation emphasizing on the look of a person will not just be strange, but can also be detrimental.

    Why does saying the compliments make you feel better and raises your self esteem?

    First of all, to notice something good about a person and even say that, you have to be self confident! In the beginning it will seem somewhat hard to say the compliments, you may be afraid of being misunderstood or hurting a person, but soon you will see that a sincere compliment that comes from your heart makes the receiver of it feel better and adds her the self confidence!

    And the second reason why giving other people compliments makes you feel better is that when you start noticing more good things in other people, you will also find a lot of good stuff about yourself! So the more good things you to a date of yours, the better you are going to feel!

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