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Love your wife just as you love yourself

The creation of a couple is such a delicate and unique event, that it can be compared to very few things in our life. Especially if the couple creates a relationship that lasts till the rest of the life (and let's hope in the "Life to come" as well!). There is no other universal relationship advice except for being honest and loving to each other! When husband and wife stick together and try to do good to each other instead of criticizing each other's actions, that's what really makes the union solid. Talking about solid, when you buy a house you would surely be more interested in inspecting the foundation of that house to see if there are any cracks and to make sure itıs strong and solid, you donıt bother so much about the paint on the walls, wallpapers or maybe tiles in the bathroom. Why? Because you know that the house is built upon the foundation and thatıs what keeps it strong and lets it last long years. You should have absolutely the same approach to relationship with your spouce- take care of the ³foundation² of your family first of all!

Every good husband knows what his wife loves, donıt be lazy and please her as much as you can and with no particular reason, you will be surprised by how much she would appreciate that! Loving each other means loving your special one more than you do yourself! Sometimes you can see a person who eats a very tasty fish with great enthusiasm and joy. If we ask that person, why are you so happy to eat it, he will most likely say: "Well I love fish!", but in fact he loves the taste of fish in his mouth, in fact loves himself, if he loved fish he would not eat it, but let it swim in a river!

Very similar thing often ruins family relationship, people tell each other about their love, but they only love themselves, the love the way other person pleases them, or they love the way other person is making them feel confident! As it looks to us the chances for a man to find a wife in Ukraine are high, providing that he uses a reputable agency that personally knows the girls and can actually see what is the girl like in real life. Of course agency can't make a decision for you, but the assistance that offered to the clients can be extremely useful.

There are really many nice and real girls, who are not models but they are naturally attractive, they want to have nice life, but money is not the most important thing for them, they have and like their jobs, but donıt put the career first priority in life. "Love you wife just as you love yourself" is just retelling of commandment "love your close one as you love yourself". Why did rabbis repeat the same commandment, as the wife is just another kind of ³close one²? The Professor Kimmelman is explaining that love in often less noticeable marriage than in other relationship. At the party you can often hear people talking about their husbands and wives in the way, they would never allow to talk about their business partners (of course if they want to continue doing business with them). But if you ask a man: "Why are you saying such rough things about your wife?", he will say: "Oh, she knows that I love her!"

It really doesnıt matter what a man think about his wife, what's important is how she feels!

A woman was created by G-d from the Adamıs rib. Not from his leg bone, because she would be humiliated by that fact. Not from Adamıs head- because she would out-smart him. But from his side to be side-by-side with him and be equal to him. She was created from a part thatıs covered by manıs arm- to be protected by her man and from the heartıs side- to be loved by him!

Don't forget those simple advices and may G-d bless you and your future family!

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