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How does a woman finds out about Mordinson Marriage Agency in Ukraine?

How do Ukrainian women from Kharkov find out about the Mordinson marriage agency and why do they join?

Since 1999 we have been investing in our own advertising campaign which includes bill boards in the Kharkov underground which are placed on several different stations. Over one million people use the Kharkov underground system every day.

Another way of how the ladies find out about the Mordinson agency is the "word of mouth", many of our female clients (as well as male clients) decide to join the agency after one of their friends or relatives uses the agency and has good things to say about us. It's an honor for us to see people recommending us to their relatives and friends, many of our former clients have written testimonial letters to describe their personal experience with the Mordinson agency.

Every lady who you see on our web site lives either in Kharkov itself or its area and we require each female client to come over to our office for an interview before she can join the agency. We do not accept every woman who comes. We state absolutely clearly to our female clients that the men who use our services have serious intentions and that they are interested in starting a family in the nearest future, and only those ladies who are interested in the same join the Mordinson.

We advertise as an international marriage agency and we make it totally clear that all the men who are our clients come from abroad, if they lady is not open to an idea of moving abroad should she meet the right man- we will not accept her to the agency.

The main reason why the beautiful Ukrainian women from Kharkov come to our agency is not that they are desperate to leave Ukraine, but because they are looking for a man to create a family with. Western men are known to be very family oriented and devoted to their women. Women generally believe it's more important who to live with, rather than where to live.

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