Ukrainian marriage

"Problems in Ukrainian economy make more women turn to Mordinson agency?"

Voice off screen:
Michael Mordinson is an experienced matchmaker. For 9 years he has been matching lonely hearts accompanied by the Mendelsohn Wedding March. Over those 9 years there were many curious and amusing incidents, he says, but assures that in his own agency the cases of scamming western men for money are strictly not allowed. He is sure that agency's staff can detect a professional "gold digger" and not allow such a woman to join or remain a member of the agency. Due to several reasons, recently there was a significant rise in the number of ladies who join the agency.

Interviewer (Ukrainian ATN News Channel): "Would it be a safe statement to say that the problems in Ukrainian economy make more women turn to Mordinson agency?" (the question is not heard on the video)

Michael Mordinson (A Mordinson Introduction ): "During the October 2008, that has passed already, comparing to the September 2008, there was almost 30% increase in the number of ladies who joined the agency, but as I said before, this happens every year, and we can't say for sure whether it has anything to do with the problems in Economy, or not!"

Original story in Russian:

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