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Michael Mordinson is interviewed by the "Vrema Newspaper" of Kharkov


I was recently interviewed by "Vrema" - newspaper. The word "Vrema" means "Time" in Russian and it's one of the oldest and very respectable daily newspaper of Kharkov.

It's been the second time I meet a journalist from "The Time" newspaper. The first interview I gave was in summer 2008. This time Mrs. Bageevskaya wanted to ask a few questions about Mordinson marriage agency and the work of marriage agencies in general. We met at "Mordinson" office for the interview.

michael mordinson on finding a soul mate

Below is part of my conversation with Mrs. Bageevskaya of "Time" Kharkov newspaper.

Julia Bageevskaya: first of all can you tell me about the Mordinson marriage agency that you represent.

Michael Mordinson: let me thank you for this opportunity to share a bit about our agency and also I'm privileged by the attention your newspaper has given us. "Mordinson" agency is a family business and it started in 1999 in Kharkov. We only have one office in Ukraine, we represent ladies of Kharkov exclusively.

Julia Bageevskaya: I have looked at your web site and there are many very nice looking ladies, what makes them join your agency?

interview marriage agency mordinson newspaper

Michael Mordinson: how did you personally learn about "Mordinson" agency?

Julia Bageevskaya: well, you advertise a lot in Kharkov, it's hard to miss your bill boards.

Michael Mordinson: that's exactly how the women find out about us, we advertise in the underground, newspapers, radio ads etc. You know that we advertise as an international marriage agency, this is the message we want to send to the ladies: our male clients have serious intentions should they meet the right lady and also they are all from abroad. The word of mouth is also great advertisement for us!

So those ladies who are interested in serious relationship and marriage and also are open to an idea of moving abroad are the ones who you have seen on our web site. I agree we have lots of beautiful women, that's something special about our city, don't you agree?

Julia Bageevskaya: they say Kharkov has the best looking ladies in Ukraine!

Michael Mordinson: and Ukraine has the best looking ladies in the world!

michael mordinson on finding a soul mate

Julia Bageevskaya: it sure does! You know that you have competition, your agency has a name that gives no clue to somebody who doesn't know what you do! Why didn't you pick a name that reflects the essence of your business, something like Beautiful Ukrainian Women, or Ukrainian Love etc?

Michael Mordinson: using our family name as a name for the agency is a clear sign of our dedication to running the business absolutely honestly. Our reputation is what we value and we don't need to hide under a name that stands for nothing.

Julia Bageevskaya: do you plan to grow and open branches in other Ukrainian cities?

Michael Mordinson: we prefer to work in one city only, we personally know every lady who is listed in the agency, they all come to this office to join the agency. Our male clients like the fact that we are not a huge corporation, because we are able to give them personal service and that's vital for success.

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