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Press and Media center for the Mordinson Introductions, the professional Match Maker in Ukraine interviews Michael Mordinson

Olga Reznikova visits Mordinson office

What do Ukrainian Women look for in a Man?

Popular YouTube blogger from Michigan, USA interviews Michael Mordinson

Dating blogger from UK interviews Michael Mordinson, 06th March 2016

Popular Ukrainian blogger Olga Reznikova interviews Michael Mordinson, 10th August 2015

"Ultimate Man Magazine" interviews Mordinson client on July 26th, 2015

UkrainianDatingBlog interviews Graham - the Mordinson former client on June 22nd 2015

Darya Mordinson (the representative of the Mordinson agency in Berlin, Germany) on Radio program 22nd October 2014

KolesTV of Kharkov, Ukraine interviews Michael Mordinson 26th June 2013

"New Wave" radio station in Kharkov, Ukraine 14th February 2013

Mordinson marriage agency participates in the Euronews "Business Awards 2012" 1st November 2012

"Visti" Ukrainian News TV channel features Mordinson marriage agency, 9th October 2012

Eenvandaag TV Channel (Netherlands) features Mordinson agency in the evening news aired on the 4th June 2012

K1 Ukrainian National TV station interviews Mordinson marriage agency, 24th April 2012

Mordinson for the Kharkov RobinzonTV May 2012
mordinson on tv, press und media

Mordinson is interviewed by the Ukrainian news channel "Kharkivski Visti". 18th of July 2010

Ukrainian TV show about modern dating. Michael Mordinson is a guest of the TV show "Randevu", the 20th of June 2010

Mordinson Marriage Agency is interviewed by the Vrema newspaper

I was recently interviewed by "Vrema" - newspaper. The word "Vrema" means "Time" in Russian and it's one of the oldest and very respectable daily newspaper of Kharkov.

It's been the second time I meet a journalist from the Time newspaper. The first interview I gave was in summer 2008. This time Mrs. Bageevskaya wanted to ask a few questions about Mordinson marriage agency and the work of marriage agencies in general. We met at the Mordinson office for the interview...

24 December 2009 - Michael Mordinson recent appearance on the Kharkov talk show at "7th Channel"

Darya and Michael Mordinson are special guests at the TV talk show held on Kharkov (Ukraine) central TV channel Over 90% of Ukrainians support international marriages, mail order brides is a smash topic on TV.

Darya and Michael Mordinson are special guests at the TV show named "International marriages- salvation or damnation" held on Kharkov (Ukraine) central TV channel on the 18th of October 2007. Do most of Ukrainians approve international marriages? Does the cultural difference strengthen the marriage or weakens it?

The Ukrainian-American marriages and the matchmakers operating in Ukraine attract constant attention of the press and the society. A recent talk show has brought up a vigorous discussion: What is a relationship between a Russian girl and a western gentleman like?

darya mordinson berlin
Darya Mordinson with the German office at "The Berliner Woche" (in German)

Problems in Ukrainian economy make more women turn to Mordinson agency?

25 March 2009 Michael Mordinson:

"One can meet the soul mate anywhere, but there is a place that is specifically created to help those who are looking for their second halves - it's a marriage agency.
We want every woman to be happy, have a beloved husband, happy family and comfortable life"

how to find a marriage in kharkov

September 2007 Michael Mordinson accomponies OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) (
Election observers during the meeting with the Mayor of Kharkov Mr. Mikhail Dobkin.
The OSCE is the world's largest regional security organization whose 56 participating States span the geographical area from Vancouver in Canada to Vladivostok in Russia.
michael mordinson translates for the Mayor of Kharkiv
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