mordinson interview kharkov

Mordinson is interviewed by the Ukrainian news channel "Kharkivski Visti". 18th of July 2010


Anna Cherednichenko (journalist of Kharkivski Visti): A young man of 25 years old who owns a profitable business and whose father is ready to provide with one thousand pounds, would be eager to marry a lady of an according status. Parents raised him in the faith and he is a gentleman

That's what the text of the first single ad looked like. It was published in 1695 in one of the English newspapers. Nowadays the printed ads of this kind aren't too frequent. It became much more popular to look for the life partners using special agencies. There is an opinion that the clients of such agencies are people who have a problem meeting somebody on their own, but the representatives of marriage agencies say the reality is different.

Michael Mordinson (A Mordinson Introduction): People- both women and men who join our agency aren't the people who are incapable of meeting somebody on their own. A person who decides to join a marriage agency is a person who can't find what he or she is looking for and it absolutely doesn't mean that this person can't meet anybody, it means this person is looking for somebody better- a worthy partner, a person who is ready to create a family.

Anna Cherednichenko (journalist of Kharkivski Visti): Those who are looking for a soul mate can use the services of one of the agencies. Also it's possible to meet people in Internet, but not every person would look for his or her beloved this way. There is no one final opinion on that.

Psychologists claim that the popularity of marriage agencies is explained by the fact that they facilitate finding the suitable partners. Maxim Ghidko (Psychologist): People believe it's easier to turn to professionals who can deliver the wanted result instead of trying to find the soul mate using the trial-and error method.

mordinson kharkov interview

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