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Any religion based on the Judeo-Christian ways of understanding G-d and everything that has to do with our relationship with the Lord teaches people to believe and trust in G-d absolute mightness and also explains that the will of G-d always comes true and brings light into our world, no matter what is it!

There are people who will give all sorts of examples of the bad and terrible things which happen in our world, how can it be that those things happen in the world that is ruled by the Allmighty who is merciful and isn't willing to punish those who have done wrong? The answer is quite simple, but nevertheless it's a stumbling block of the belief in G-d as we know it. Yes bad things do happen, but the reality is that we don't really see the entire picture of what is happening in the world that we see around us! We may think that we do, but we are all limited and it's a fact. So what we call "bad" is hidden "good" that has to be given a chance to be revealed!

I want to give you a clear example of how something that seems to be bad in fact is good and other way round! A person enters a room and there are two students in there, one is laying and the bed and just does nothing and the other one is sitting next to a table, has few big books in front of him, the table lamp is on and you can literally feel how much he is into studying!

The person who entered that room may think that the good student who is hardworking and curious for the knowledge is sitting by the table and the lazy student who doesn't care about the school is one who is on the bed! This may be true, but it can very well be other way round! The student who is laying on the bed has studied hard for an entire term and now he doesn't have to be trying to pick up some basic knowledge hastily like the second student who didn't care about studying until he realized that the exam was in a couple of days!

We may not understand the full meaning of each event that happens in our lives, but nevertheless we are required to be active and control our lives. G-d does want us to strive for the good, but this doesn't mean we have to follow the stream of events!

There is a very old parable about a ship that got into a storm and apparently was going to go down, all the people were rushing out, but there was one man who sat by the side of the ship and prayed. People in the first life-boat shouted to him: "Hey!! Why don't you get into a boat and save your life! To which he replied: “No thank you, I am praying to G-d and he's going to save me!", when the second life boat was about to go off the drowning ship the people in it saw this man and they cried to attract his attention: "Mister! You are going to drown with that ship!!! We have some room down here, jump in! to which he replied: "No thank you, I am praying to G-d and he's going to save me!", the second boat went off and in few minutes when half of the ship couldn't be seen as it was under the surface of the ocean, the third and last life boat was starting from the ship that was about to go down! They too called the praying man, but got the same answer! In a few minutes the ship was under the water so was the man. When this man got to the heaven and saw the Allmighty, he asked the Lord with offended voice: Lord, I asked you for help! Why did I die then? And G-d told him: “Who do you think sent you three life boats!?!?"

If you are single, please remember that the Lord doesn't want you to be single, he wants you to change it- find a woman who you will create a strong family with, have kids and raise them to be good people! If you haven't met your special one, don't just sit and wait until the G-d sends you one! Nowadays single people around the world have been given a fantastic opportunity to meet other singles by the means of the services that are provided by the matchmaking companies, it's your "life boat", so please don't spoil your chance!

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