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How to write a good letter of introduction to the women you are interested in

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First Impressions

First of all keep in mind that sending an introduction letter is your chance to make the first impression and it is totally up to you whether the impression is going to be a good one or not! Also in the process of writing the letter don't forget the objective of that letter, and this is to have a positive response from the lady you are writing to so that you can continue getting to know each other!


  • As in any conversation it's nice to open up with few complimentary words.
  • Explain the lady why did you decide to write to her etc.
  • All women love to hear compliments, in the same time try not to over do it!

    The body of the letter

    The body of the letter is used to include all the information you are willing to share. There are some things which you have to mention, such as country you are from, your age, previous marriages, children etc.

    Your mood

    Humor is welcome, in the same time some of the humor is hardly translated, so if you want to include a joke or funny like, make sure it will be understandable.

    Nevertheless, a letter should definitely sound optimistic and enthusiastic.


    The best way to show your interest to the lady is asking questions! It's also very important to let ladies know, that any questions they might have for you - are absolutely welcome, and you will be happy to answer them!

    Showing a genuine desire to share information about yourself proves your seriousness about getting to know the lady.


    An important part of your letter is the pictures that you attach to it. Please pick few of the nice pictures that you have, which show you clearly, so that the ladies can have a good look at you.

    Wish you the best luck! We are happy to help you to find the right lady!
    Mordinson team

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