Ukrainian women choose family over a career

Family or career? The Ukrainian women choice.

Few people realize how feministic was the policies of the USSR here in the republics of the Union! Ukrainian Women were encouraged to do physically difficult jobs and be like men in general.

Taking all that into account it becomes really incredible how the women who had to work still could take such a fantastic care of their families, making the home not only a comfortable place, but the place their husbands would be rushing to after the work was over.

How did a traditional approach to marriage survive through the Soviet times? It must be due to the traditional Slavic approach to life, where the man has always been considered the head of the family and the wife- its neck! Women have always worked hard in Ukraine, not only during the Soviet times or at the times of Russian Empire when Ukraine was the breadbasket of not only Russia but also few other European states.

Looking at Mordinson female clients we see that the majority of them are highly educated and intelligent Ukrainian women, with promising jobs, and they do love what they do but every single one says she never puts the work on the first place in her life! It's wanting to have a family which makes them join the "Mordinson" hoping to meet the soul mate in such a way. We all understand that even the best job in the world is only a job you do, but your family is people who will be next to you no matter what happens and they are the ones who care for you not because you make profit for the company or bill enough hours for your law firm, they care for you because you are their loved dad or husband, and no career in the world can replace that.

Time that you spend with your family is beneficial for your work achievements, as it inspires you to be more creative and productive! If you are still single you need to act to remedy that. We do offer our clients a great opportunity to find the soul mates, and we will be happy to help you too!

by Michael Mordinson more articles by this author

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