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INTRODUCE YOURSELF FREE to the unlimited number of ladies from "MORDINSON" gallery.

Become a verified client of the Mordinson marriage agency and send your introduction letter and pictures to any number of ladies absolutely free of charge!!!

Your letter will be translated and delivered to the women you are interested in for free. This offer also covers the translation of the replies we receive from the ladies who are interested in you. Within just a couple of days you will see exactly which ladies are interested in you and will be able to continue communication with them by the means of correspondence service, Skype calls, phone calls etc.

In order to get verified you need to make a one time nonrefundable payment of USD 1 (one US dollar)

To make the verification payment, please Click HERE ((our on-line store is verified by Visa Inc. and we accept VISA cards only)

Once the verification payment is made, please, send your introduction letter to our E-MAIL address along with your photographs and the list of the ladies you are interested in.

Please note: We see from our experience that no men who are over their mid fifties were able to attract attention of the ladies in our agency, therefore Mordinson services are only available to men who are less than 55 years old.

Introduce yourself FREE offer - learn more with Michael Mordinson

What to mention in the introduction letter?

Your introduction letter is an opportunity for a lady to get a glimpse into your life and personality, so please be yourself and tell the ladies about what kind of person you are and what kind of life you live. It's also important to mention such information as your age, marital status and whether you have children or not, your height and weight etc. Another important part of your introduction letter is telling the ladies about your personality and the things you enjoy doing: hobbies and favorite pastimes.

Thank you for not sharing or requesting any personal contact information such as telephone numbers, e-mail and postal addresses, surnames, information related to the birthdates etc. The letters containing such information or requests will be cut off from the correspondence. We reserve the right to stop providing an individual with the "Introduce Yourself free" offer in case we have reasons to believe that this person does not have an intention to reply to the ladies' letters.

"INTRODUCE YOURSELF free" offer is a great way to make the first step and to start communication with beautiful, marriage minded and decent women from Kharkov, Ukraine. It's a tool that allows you to see exactly which ladies are interested in you and which are not.

2nd STEP In order to continue communication with the ladies who are interested you are welcome to use one of the correspondence subscriptions that we are offering:

One letter including reply - USD 14
One month of unlimited correspondence with one lady - USD 105
One month of unlimited correspondence with any number of ladies - USD 185

The correspondence subscription can be purchased at our ON-LINE STORE Please note that we only accept VISA cards.

We offer a wide range of other communicational services such telephone calls, video conferences, getting new pictures of the ladies etc. You can find details in the "Services & Prices"section of our site.

3rd STEP Even though letters, Skype and telephone calls can help you learn a lot about the ladies, only a personal meeting can show which lady you have the best chemistry with. When you decide to come over to Ukraine and meet the ladies in person we will be happy to welcome you in Kharkov (that's the city where we are located and all the ladies in the Mordinson agency are from Kharkov). We offer our clients an opportunity to meet the ladies in person by the means of Introduction Service packages. There are two standard packages: a 7-day package (USD 2450) and a 10-day package (USD 2650). Additional days of your stay in Kharkov can be easily arranged. Here's what is included into the packages:

-pick up at the Kharkov airport (train station);

-staying in a modern, luxury apartment which is located in a newly built house in the central part of the city (5 minutes walk from the central Liberty Square), you can see some pictures and video of our apartments HERE.

-translation services on your request and unlimited customer support during your stay;

-and most importantly meeting the ladies who you are interested in. There are no limitations on how many ladies you can meet. The initial meetings can be arranged either in different cafes or our office and usually the initial meetings are quite short, hour and a half on average, this way you can meet all the ladies who you are interested in during first couple of days and then concentrate on the lady (ladies) who you had best mutual chemistry with.;

Any further questions you might have are absolutely welcome! Don't hesitate to ask them by e-mail or give us a call!
We appreciate the opportunity to help you in your search!

Michael Mordinson
Phone number in the USA (213) 814-2697
Phone number in Ukraine +38 067 5782344

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