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"MORDINSON" CONTRIBUTORS: Mordinson family to break the tradition of impersonal Ukrainian dating sites

Mordinson marriage agency is a family business that is open to its potential clients.

We believe it’s important for you to know that Mordinson staff are real people and they will not treat you as a number. Instead a “Mordinson” client should expect comprehensive and profound answers to any of his questions and unlimited support at any stage of his search for a spouse.

This page is aimed to tell and show a little bit of who Michael, Maxim and Darya Mordinson are.

Michael Mordinson is a manager of the agency and also a skilled interpreter, Michael is a Cambrige University (UK) English certificate holder.

Have a question for Michael? Ask it! 213 814 2697 phone number in the USA;
+38 067 578 2344 phone number in Ukraine;
our Skype accound ID is:
email: Write to Michael

Michael Mordinson's video blog about Ukrainian women

michael mordinson

with one of the best Ukrainian soccer players Mr. Marko Devic



Michael Mordinson served as an interpreter for the Kharkov Mayor - Mr. Mikhail Dobkin

michael mordinson

Maxim Mordinson - the photographer. Maxim Mordinson is a professional photographer for "MORDINSON". All the photographs of beautiful Ukrainian girls at the MORDINSON gallery have been taken by Maxim Mordinson in Kharkov, Ukraine.

Contact email: Write to Maxim

maxim mordinson

maxim mordinson

maxim mordinson

maxim mordinson 2

Darya Mordinson - credentials: Master's degree in Translation Science English and German.

Call this phone number to speak with Darya:
+49 1763 1213 415 ;
Write to Darya



darya mordinson malta
Darya's winter vacation in Malta
mordinson darya

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