Ukrainian marriage

Is it a good time for finding a soul mate? What to do when the times are not so good?

Or let’s put it this way: “Is the time of uncertainty of jobs and economies of entire nations good for finding a soul mate and getting married?” Surprisingly (or maybe not) we will find the answer to that question in the Book of Genesis.

Each creation of the G-d was followed by a blessing, which is basically an action plan for everything that was created, and then it says: “G-d saw that it was good”, so the creation is finished, complete and the Creator is satisfied.

And the only creature that doesn’t get the immediate blessing after creation is a Man! Only after a female is created, the G-d gives his blessings and actually talks to two of them! Now, what does that teach us? A very simple hint that the Almighty gives us all- the Man is not Complete without a Woman!

Never this state of incompletion shows that well as in times of hardships and difficulties- no one can support you better than your wife, because we aren’t calling our beloved “second halves” for nothing! Who else do we have to turn to when we search not just for a mere listener, but an advisor and person who really cares!?

So, it becomes clear to all of us that it’s not only advisable to be looking for a wife no matter what the current state of Economy is, but it’s probably the time when many of us need it most!!!

The crisis comes and goes, good families become even closer to each other when the times aren’t that good. Cherish and love your family if you have it already, but search and strive to create your own family, if you still don’t have it! A wife is like a lost treasure or wallet with cards and money, you don’t seat around and wait till somebody finds it and brings to you, you go look for it!

Unfortunately to Ukrainian people times of scrutiny were frequent, just to name few events last century: 1st World War, Communist Revolution followed by a civilian War (not everybody wanted to be communist and atheist), violent collectivization and horrors of NKVD and GULAG, 2nd World War, German-Nazi occupation followed by Holocaust and mass killings of civilians (Kharkov has lost over 450 thousand of city inhabitants during the occupation) the list could be extended, but the point is that people here were made to learn how to live through harsh times, how to save warm relationship in a family no matter what conditions are! And this is one more reason why Ukrainian ladies put so much value in their own families and the relationship they have with their husbands and children!

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