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Losers and Winners of the Dating Scene

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Successful dating and communication style.

Below you will find couple of conclusions that became apparent during an interesting experiment. The research was meant to answer a vital question: "What makes some guys cool and popular, and what is that thing that unpopular guys lack?" What is the difference between dating "winners" and "losers"?

There were 2 groups of men formed to take a part in research. As you may guess, one consisted of men who were successful daters and the other one included those guys, who didn't seem to get along with girls too well, despite their desperate wish! It is important to mention that the men in both groups didn't differ in their looks.

Several experiments were accomplished.

The first one took a place at the dancing place. Men were tasked to invite a girl for a dance. The ladies were previously trained to reject the invitation and say: "I am not fond of dancing, you know"

Results: after getting such a reply, the "winners" smiled or laughed and said they were not really fond of dancing too, and then asked if it was OK just sit together. So, they took the rejection of a dance, not as a general rejection, but as a simple fact.

Their less lucky colleagues found nothing else to say but "mmmmm", "aaaaaa" and "ooooo" and simply gave it up. They took it as if the lady said: "I don't like you and don't want to continue this conversation".

During the second test the researchers recorded phone conversation between nice looking women and men from both groups, this time the women were not notified of the research taking place. Men were tasked to chat with a girl, and then at the end of the conversation ask her out.

Results: the difference between losers (most of them didn't get a positive result) and winners (in the majority they accomplished the task) was that the winners kept the conversation going and asked the questions, which didn't allow the chat to falter. The voice of men was full of energy and the conversations sounded like pleasant melody.

And what about the "losers"? They could also tell lots of interesting and smart things. But unfortunately, their conversations were often halted by long and heavy pauses. The conversations didn't sound like music, and left an unpleasant impression.

Another finding was that the average length of answers was significantly longer in the successful group. Women tend to like lengthy and informative answers, which signalizes the interest, on contrary short answers are not suitable during a romantic chat, the woman thinks a man is not interested, if he doesn't want to share much about himself.

Two major differences between the groups became apparent.

First: ォwinnersサ were not expecting refusal, if one programs himself to lose, that's what is going to happen.

And the second thing is that the ォlosersサ couldn't build up the contintinuous conversation. Asking more questions and giving informative yet interesting answers, leads to better results.

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