mordinson has no  tolerance for scammers

What is the Mordinson anti scam policy?

Mordinson has no tolerance for any scammers

Many men who are thinking about trying to find a soul mate abroad are concerned about the risk of being hurt by somebody who is only interested in money and has no interest in starting a relationship whatsoever. Mordinson agency has zero tolerance towards any kinds of scammers.

We see from our experience that the absolute majority of the ladies have sincere and good intentions when they join the agency, however it's impossible to look into one's brain or heart and that's why we created a system that does not leave any chance for the ladies to receive money from the men or take advantage of them in any other way in the course of correspondence and organizing the personal meeting, that's the reason why scammers simply don't come to our agency, because there is no way for them to dig any gold in the Mordinson.

All the services are absolutely free of charge for the ladies (this includes translation of all the letters), the women don't have to pay for anything at all, it's been our policy since the day we started operating.

We are providing our clients with an absolutely real chance to meet their soul mate. It is totally possible!!! Video, audio and written trip reports and testimonials of our clients who met their beautiful Ukrainian wives with Mordinson.

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