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Dear friends,

Many of my readers ask me tons of questions about dating and marriage agencies in Ukraine, namely which agency is reliable and provides the best service, whether the profiles of women are real and not a fake, etc. Therefore, I decided to ask Michael Mordinson, one of the founders of Mordinson marriage agency in Kharkov/Ukraine, to do an interview with Ukrainian Dating Blog. Luckily for us, he accepted.

Krystyna: Hello, Michael! Thank you so much that youíve found time for us to give an interview and tell about your rich experience with Ukrainian dating and your success with your matchmaking agency. There is huge number of different online dating services and marriage agencies in Ukraine. And it is not always easy for Western men and Ukrainian women to decide which agency is suitable for them. What makes Mordinson marriage agency so special? What do you offer what other agencies cannot offer their customers?

Michael: First of all I would like to thank you for this opportunity to share few things about the Mordinson marriage agency and answer some of the questions which are interesting for the readers of your blog! You asked me what makes Mordinson special. There are lots of things which make our agency special and different from hundreds of other agencies out there. I will mention 9 main things that make Mordinson stand out of the crowd:

  • Exclusive Women - Since 1999 we have been investing in our own advertising campaign in Kharkov which attracts young and attractive Ukrainian women who are interested in serious relationship and are open to an idea of moving abroad. We do not buy profiles of the ladies and we do not share them with any other agencies. All the services that we provide to the ladiess are free of charge for them, that has been our policy since the very first day of our work that no lady ever has to pay anything at all!

  • We meet and interview every lady in person - we are a local agency and all the women in the Mordinson agency are from Kharkov, we do not have any on-line forms which lady can fill out to become a member, only after a personal interview at our office in Kharkov a lady can become a member of the agency. So we actually meet every lady who is listed in our gallery and when we talk to the ladies we make sure that they are interested in finding a husband and are open to the possibility of moving abroad if they meet the right man.

  • Up-to-date high quality photos - we are also different from any other marriage agency in Ukraine because we own a professional photo studio and therefore can guarantee that the pictures men see in our gallery are of highest quality. We want our male clients to have an opportunity to see fresh and up to date pictures of the ladies, we never alter the ladiesí look and post high definition pictures which are very detailed and well lit.

  • Free introduction - we are offering our clients to send introduction letters to any number of ladies from the gallery absolutely free of charge! We believe that men have to have an opportunity to find out which ladies are interested and which are not before they have to pay anything!

  • True letters - all the letters are translated manually within maximum 36 hours after the letter is received (normally the letters are translate and sent out on the same day when we receive them). As you probably know there is a big issue with certain dishonest agencies which write letters instead of the ladies and then when a man comes to Ukraine, the lady who he has been talking to for months doesnít know a thing about him! It never happens in Mordinson, all the letters are written by the ladies. Only if the lady is interested she will be communicating with a man. Of course itís important to write an interesting introduction letter and attach a few nice pictures to make a good first impression on the ladies!

  • All the women live in just one city - another aspect of our work where I believe we are very different from our competitors is the approach to arranging the personal meetings with the ladies. Because all the ladies from the Mordinson live in one city our clients can meet all the women they are interested in without having to travel from one Ukrainian city to another.

  • We offer our clients Introduction Service packages which include pick up at the Kharkov airport or train station, accommodation in one of the Mordinson owned apartments , interpreterís service and most importantly meeting all the ladies who are interesting for the man.

  • There are no limitations on how many ladies a man can meet. The initial meetings are usually quite short, hour and a half on average, this way a man can meet all the ladies who he is interested in during first couple of days and then concentrate on the lady (ladies) who he had best mutual chemistry with. We only arrange individual meetings, this means that there is a man and a woman at the meeting and an interpreter if required, this is a comfortable arrangement for the couple to really have a good conversation and see if they want to continue getting to know each other.

  • Only available women in the gallery - as soon as the lady becomes unavailable we delete her profile and pictures from the gallery, this only takes a few minutes and doesnít require any additional payments.

  • Personal attention to every client - as you know we arenít a large agency, we only have about 200 profiles of the ladies but every client we have is treated with maximum attention and care. I believe that this attention to the clients plus the experience weíve gained since 1999 are major things which make us stand out from the crowd of other agencies.

  • No hidden costs - all the services we offer have fixed prices. It means that there are no hidden costs. With Mordinson you know exactly and in advance what will be a cost of every service you might require.

    Krystyna: Michael, you write on your homepage that you do an interview with every woman who wants to join your agency and have a personal approach to them. So, you have gained a lot of experience in this field and can surely answer my next question. In your opinion, why do Ukrainian and Russian women look for love abroad? What do they really want to find there: true love or a better life?

    Michael: When a person meets his or her true love the life of that person for sure becomes better. The main reason why the women come to our agency is not that they are desperate to leave Ukraine, but because they are looking for a man to create a family with. Western men are known to be very family oriented and devoted to their women. Women generally believe itís more important who to live with, rather than where to live. However in all the advertising that we are doing in Kharkov we clearly state that we are an international marriage agency and that ALL the men who use our agencyís services are from abroad, so only those ladies who are open to a possibility of moving abroad join the Mordinson.

    Krystyna: I have experienced that the Western-Russian/Ukrainian couples communicate online very well and smoothly; however, they confront with intercultural problems and misunderstandings after the very first meeting in person. How do you help the women to prepare for a new life in the Western world? Moreover, also Western men have great difficulties to understand Ukrainian women, their culture and mentality. Itís a known fact that American, German and English women are very different from women from Russia and Ukraine. How does Mordinson marriage agency help their customers to deal with intercultural differences?

    Michael: Itís true for sure that Ukrainian women are different from the women in most of the Western countries and I guess thatís the reason why thousands of men are looking for their soul mates in the FSU countries (former Soviet Union). I was born in Ukraine and Iíve lived here all my life and I can say for sure that the women here are indeed very family oriented. Of course there are exceptions, but majority of the women consider families to be their number 1 priority.
    And our goal is to help men who have an intention to create a family meet the genuine and family oriented ladies and of course we try to educate our clients about the Ukrainian history and culture by posting articles on that subject and by answering any questions that may arise in the course of the correspondence and personal meetings.

    The same is true for the female clients of Mordinson of course. We strongly believe that Love can overcome any differences and the fact that two people come from different cultures actually makes their relationship stronger, because there is an ongoing learning process they have to face! And this proved by the numerous happy couples in which partners come from different countries and cultures.

    Krystyna: What is Mordinson anti-scam policy?

    Michael: Itís a very good question and lots of men are concerned about it. We see from our experience that the absolute majority of the ladies have sincere and good intentions when they join the agency, however itís impossible to look into oneís brain or heart and thatís why we created a system that does not leave any chance for the ladies to receive money from the men or take advantage of them in any other way in the course of correspondence and organizing the personal meeting, thatís the reason why scammers simply donít come to our agency, because there is no way for them to dig any gold in the Mordinson.

    We called our agency with our name and we really care about the reputation we have. We are totally open to our clients and anybody who is interested to ask any question about our work is totally welcome to call me directly in the USA: +1-213-814-2697 or in Ukraine: +38 067 578 2344

    Krystyna: There are also numerous success stories on the Mordinson homepage. The couples look very happily in the photos (as for me ). Do you keep in touch with the ex-singles who found their love with the help of Mordinson Marriage Agency?

    Michael: We do stay in touch with some of the couples who met in the Mordinson, despite the fact that they are all busy building their own lives and raising children, we often get greetings on holidays from them! We also meet some of our former clients here in Kharkov once in a while when they come to visit their Ukrainian relatives! Itís a really great pleasure to see them being happy together and it gives us a lot of energy to go on with the work we are doing!

    Krystyna: Michael, what would you wish the readers of

    Michael: First of all I would like to congratulate you with the fact that you found this blog, which is a very good source of information about the Ukrainian women and I wish you all that the knowledge Iíve shared in that interview will eventually help you to find your beloved! Mordinson family and I wish you lots of luck in your search and please visit our web site ( if you became interested in the services we provide! It is so precious to have a loving, caring and understanding woman by your side, and we will be happy to help you find your sweetheart!

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