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From March 2016 LOT will fly direclty from Warsaw to Kharkov, Ukraine. The new flight offers passengers a greater convenience of traveling from such destinations as Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Luxembourg, Brussels and many other cities via Lots modern Warsaw hub. In just less than an hour travelers can catch connection flights.

LOT will operate flights to Kharkiv with modern Embraer jets 5 times a week. Departure from Kharkiv is scheduled to offer the best possible connectivity to North America and Europe. Lots Warsaw hub will be the only hub in Western Europe for passengers traveling to and from Kharkiv to offer the best connectivity to destinations such as New York, Chicago, Toronto and Beijing!

Ebraer jets are, by the way, beloved by passengers for spacious cabin and no middle seat. LOT is the only airline operating from its Warsaw hub to offer as much as three servie classes adjusted to needs and expectations of different groups of passengers on short haul, European flights.

Hi Guys, today is March 24th 2015, I took a couple of days off to come here to the beautiful Black Sea, a few days of vacation. I know, I've been skipping on videos, so I wanted to make a new one.

Recently I was helping a couple who met in the Mordinson agency get a visa for the lady to visit Canada, and the reason why I wanted to talk about it is that this time it was a tourist visa. And it turned out to be a pretty straightforward process. The guys sent the lady the invitation letter, there were some documents that needed to be gathered on our side. We were helping this lady, you probably have seen it on our site: we offer a service called "Lady's Visa Assistance" so we help ladies to gather the documents, fill out the forms that are required for the visa interview.

The interesting was that this girl, even though she is young, attractive lady, who doesn't have children here in Ukraine, doesn't have a huge bank account - despite all that she did get the visa and everything went well. And that's amazing, because in the past it used to be extremely difficult for the ladies to get tourist visas to go to States, Canada etc.

Hopefully this is a sign of changes and something is changing for good.

For guys from the United States there is K1 visa fiance visa which is a great invention, it allows a lady to come to the States and stay up to 90 days before getting married, and once she is married to the man who invited her she can adjust her status to stay in US permanently as a resident.

The news is that it's apparently becoming easier to get the tourist visas, we will see how it's going to go in future.

Hi Guys, my name is Michael Mordinson and today is 15th March, 2015 and it's Sunday today so I am doing a new entry to my video blog.

Today I wanted to discuss a very interesting topic, that's something I am being asked about pretty often - the language barrier in communication with the Ukrainian women.

When we just started doing this work, the marriage agency in 1999 there were very very few women who could speak even basic English at the time. Of course within these 16 years since we started the agency a lot has changed and nowadays as you can see in the gallery, if you go to the profile of a lady you will find out about her command of English, so you can see how good are her language skills, and you will see that there are quite a few ladies who speak English fairly well, there are ladies who make their introduction videos in English, so the situation has changed a lot due to the internet, American movies, English music and so on. And of course in schools kids start learning English in the second grade, third grade nowadays and it's making a change and nowadays there are more and more people who can speak English, however there are still quite a lot who don't speak English very well. And I wanted to discuss a couple of things about it with you.

When you are considering sending your introduction letter and going through the gallery you'll see there are some ladies who speak English and there are some who don't speak it very well and you might think: "Why would I send my introduction letter to a lady who doesn't speak English?" because apparently if a lady doesn't speak your language it's going to make your communication and your interaction way more difficult. And it's hard not to agree with that. Of course when there is a common language it makes things easier, when you meet and even when you exchange letters, when you talk on Skype, it makes things a lot easier. BUT! I saw a lot of cases in which Ukrainian woman when she just met the man, spoke nearly zero English and despite that, they have a fantastic relationship, they got engaged, got married and now live in the United States. I've seen that happen many times.

So, if a woman caught your attention and you want to send your introduction letter to her - I personally don't think that the lack of English knowledge should be a "show stopper" for you. Because firs of all, and that's something you should keep in mind: for somebody who is native in Russian learning English is way easier than for an English speaking person to learn Russian. Somehow, English is not a very difficult language to learn. We see this because we offer English classes and also teach German to the ladies and we see that it doesn't take a whole lot of time for a lady to grasp basic knowledge of English and then when she moves to, let's say States, this process becomes really fast because she is surrounded by the language, she learns every day, she can not escape hearing English and learning English words, that's something she can not escape. But even when she is still here in Kharkov it's very possible to learn.

Secondly, of course the letters are translated for the girls, so even if a lady doesn't speak English your letter will be translated and it's done manually, and the person who does the translations is me, I personally do the translations, so it's quality hand made translation. So this is not a problem.

When you come to Kharkov to meet the ladies, of course it's nice when a girl speaks English, but if she doesn't speak enough English for you to be able to understand each other, there is an interpreter, which is normally me, who will help and who will be with you at the meetings and who's going to facilitate your communication.

If a woman speaks some English, let's say she speaks and understands 40% English, because normally it's easier to understand than to speak. My advice in this situation is maybe to have the interpreter for the first few meetings and then try to have the meetings without the interpreter, just to be able to interact and have this one-on-one communication. Even if you have difficulties - you can always use an on-line translator, there is free WiFi almost everywhere here, any cafe you go to, even in public parks there is WiFi, of course better translator is the one that doesn't need to be connected to internet to be able to use it, but even if you the one that needs internet, it normally isn't a problem because there are so many places where you can use WiFi. And yes, you will struggle in understanding each other and figuring the words out, but that's what makes it fun, you learn, you struggle together, you interact and you become closer, you create this bond.

So sometimes even if you do have a language barrier it may be a good idea not to have the interpreter and just do it by yourself, go to different places, experience things together.

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